The importance of healthy gums

What happens if the gum tissue recedes?

  • The exposed tooth root may become hypersensitive to high or low temperatures.
  • Maintaining oral hygiene may become more difficult.
  • Build-up of plaque, gum inflammation and possibly caries (tooth decay) can result.
  • Depending on the severity, subsequent loss of bone and gum can lead to lengthy and costly treatment.

What happens if you do not have enough gum tissue?

The gum is made up of is a thick protective tissue that surrounds the teeth like a tight cuff. Lack of this keratinized gum tissue around teeth or implants can lead to:

  • Difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene
  • Inflammation of the gum
  • Bone and gum loss
  • Lengthy and costly treatment resulting from severe loss of bone and gum


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