Soft tissue regeneration

A patient can lose the soft tissue that surrounds teeth for a variety of reasons.  The treatment for recreating lost soft-tissue of the gums can typically involve harvesting tissue from the roof of the mouth to augment the soft tissue defect in another location in the oral cavity. Unwanted side effects of this approach can be pain or discomfort as well as complications with healing at the harvest site.

Biomaterials, however, can regenerate new gum tissue without the need for harvesting tissue from the roof of the mouth. The use of a soft tissue substitute can:

  • Restore the natural appearance of the gum tissue
  • Eliminate sensitivity around a tooth
  • Enhance overall esthetics 
  • Support maintenance of healthy teeth
  • Reduce pain and promote better quality of life

IMPORTANT: It is important to address any existing infection before surgical treatment. Your dentist will advise you on the appropriate treatment for your situation.


CAUTION: Federal law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a dentist or physician.